PI 8511 DRG 100 Pressure Element |100 Micron Wire Mesh | 29.06 gal/min Flow Rate

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$ 116.76 each
Filtration Group Surface filter elements are made of stainless steel wire mesh with a very low flow resistance designed in the following weaves: plait, twill and linen. For a wire mesh filter element the degree of filtration is determined by the largest diameter of a globular particle which would be able to pass the fabric. Wire mesh filter elements are used in hydraulic oil and lubricants filtration as suction or coarse filters, for high viscous fluids as well as safety filters for coolant filtration. Wire mesh elements possess a defined removal size as surface filter and a low dirt holding capacity as depth filter. These filter elements can be used in Filtration Group filter housings as well as customized to meet the specifications of other manufacturers' housings.
  • Cleanable surface filter element, made of wire mesh
  • Designed for Filtration Group filter housings
  • Complete product range according DIN 24550
  • Beta rated elements according to ISO 16889 multipass test
  • Elements with high differential pressure stability and dirt holding capacity
Units / Pack: 1
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Product Details /

Outer Diameter (in)
1.85 in.
Height (in)
9.72 in.
Flow Rate (gallons/minute)
29.06 gal/min
Outer Diameter (mm)
47 mm
Height (mm)
247 mm
Flow Rate (liters/minute)
110 l/min
Micron Rating
Temperature Rating
-10°C to +120°C
Differential Pressure (PSI)
290.08 PSI
Differential Pressure (bar)
20 bar
Media Material
Wire Mesh
Sealing Function

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