PI 0122 Cellulose Tank Breather Filter |10 Micron Cellulose | 35.31 cu ft/ min Flow Rate

Product ID 77575624

$ 27.84 each
Filtration Group Series Pi 0122 Air Breather Filters are manufactured from impact-resistant plastic for use in hydraulic and lubricating oil tanks. The air intake is located in the upper section, preventing surface dust from the tank top from being drawn in the air breather. The cover design prevents entry of splash-water. The disposable, pleated elements can be replaced in a matter of seconds. Air breather filter Pi 0122 offers the following features:
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Compact design
  • Equipped with (Cellulose) elements
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Versatile mounting option: screwed, clamped or flanged
  • Versatile combination possibilities
  • Wide range of accessories
Units / Pack: 1
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Product Details /

Outer Diameter (in)
4.65 in.
Height (in)
2.87 in.
Flow Rate (cubic feet/minute)
35.31 cu ft/min
Outer Diameter (mm)
118 mm
Height (mm)
73 mm
Flow Rate (liters/minute)
1000 l/min
Micron Rating
Temperature Rating
-30°C to +100°C
Media Material
Sealing Function
No Sealing

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