25" x 16" x 2 Aerostar® Carbon Honeycomb Filter

Product ID 16792 | Made in the USA

$ 378.60 per pack
$ 94.65 each
The Aerostar® Carbon Filled Honeycomb filter is designed to remove a wide range of odors and common indoor pollutants. This filter is constructed of die cut frame, with ¾” or 1-¾” and honeycomb media packs that are filled with activated carbon. Order with prefilters to address particulate in addition to gas phase filtration.
  • Effectively removes odorous and irritating gaseous contaminants
  • Combination particulate and gas phase filter (Also available without particulate prefilter)
  • 100% fill for maximum single pass efficiency and longer service life
  • Disposable, easy to use, low service cost
  • Effective gas phase filtration in a compact design
  • Excellent gas phase filter for re-circulated air applications
Units / Pack: 4
# of Packs: 1
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Product Details /

Nominal Size
16" x 25" x 2"
Removal Target
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Gas Phase Initial Efficiency
Initial Resistance
1.41" w.g. at 250 fpm
Final Resistance
2.0" w.g.
Flow Rate
250 fpm
Carbon Loading
4 lbs
Temperature Rating
150 deg F
Media Material
Bulk Activated Carbon
Frame Material
Moisture-resistant Fiberboard

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