24" x 20" x 2 Aerostar® Carbon Honeycomb Filter

Product ID 16660 | Made in the USA

$ 320.80 per pack
$ 80.20 each
The Aerostar® Carbon Filled Honeycomb filter is designed to remove a wide range of odors and common indoor pollutants. This filter is constructed of die cut frame, with ¾” or 1-¾” and honeycomb media packs that are filled with activated carbon. Order with prefilters to address particulate in addition to gas phase filtration.
  • Effectively removes odorous and irritating gaseous contaminants
  • Combination particulate and gas phase filter (Also available without particulate prefilter)
  • 100% fill for maximum single pass efficiency and longer service life
  • Disposable, easy to use, low service cost
  • Effective gas phase filtration in a compact design
  • Excellent gas phase filter for re-circulated air applications
Units / Pack: 4
# of Packs: 1
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Product Details /

Nominal Size
20" x 24" x 2"
Removal Target
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Gas Phase Initial Efficiency
Initial Resistance
1.41" w.g. at 250 fpm
Final Resistance
2.0" w.g.
Flow Rate
250 fpm
Carbon Loading
4.8 lbs
Temperature Rating
150 deg F
Media Material
Bulk Activated Carbon
Frame Material
Moisture-resistant Fiberboard

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