Since 1969, Purafil has led the industry in gas-phase filtration to provide world-class air quality solutions. We set industry standards with our molecular filters, systems, and air quality monitors in world-renowned galleries and museums, commercial and office buildings, healthcare, wastewater treatment, and electronics and industrial manufacturing.  

Our expertise and best-in-class research practices allow us to develop revolutionary products to assist with air conditioning, corrosion control, indoor air quality and energy conservation, odor control, pathogen removal, and toxic gas scrubbing.

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Purafil White Papers

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Wastewater Treatment Plants: Understand the sources of odors and how to control them.

Pulp & Paper Mills: Learn about the unintended consequences of RoHS and problems faced in Control Rooms.

Industrial Corrosion Control: Discover common corrosive gases found in process industries, how to identify corrosion, and what can be done to solve this challenge.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Commercial Spaces: Understand contaminants from motor vehicle exhaust that can impact indoor air quality and how to improve and maintain IAQ.

Data Centers: Learn more about reliability issues with updates to ongoing contamination concerns, standards activities, and case studies with proven solutions.

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